Hand Delivery of Critical Medical Supplies at a Moment’s Notice

Boston Courier Hand Carries On Board Convenience

Hand Delivery and On-Board Delivery of Sensitive Materials

Boston Courier’s Hand Carry and/or On-Board Courier service offers clients the ability to ship time sensitive documents, critical health data, and even small manufacturing parts (as allowed by TSA) overnight or with expedited delivery. Such documents and items must be hand delivered because of the confidential, legal, or personal health information they include. Boston Courier can dispatch a courier at almost a moment’s notice to collect these types of items and hand deliver them by ground or on board a flight out of Logan Airport to their final destination. Our couriers are specifically trained in the handling of proprietary and confidential information of all kinds and will not violate your businesses or your client’s or patient’s privacy in any way. Our delivery personnel are trained to stay alert for observers and situations that may compromise this data. If there is a threat to the information or items we are carrying, we will take evasive action and notify the authorities to ensure this information arrives at its correct owner on time and uncompromised.

 Emergency Delivery of Personal Documents

Have you ever misplaced your passport, or forgotten your driver’s license at home? Have you been on a business or personal trip and lost a key piece of personal identification or other information necessary for that trip? Boston Courier can help! We will work with you and your trusted individual back home to gather anything you may have left behind and hand deliver it to you. We offer this service because Boston Courier is dedicated to its customers. Boston Courier and our team of drivers and dispatchers are dedicated to helping not just your business succeed, but you as well.

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